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McArdle Construction & Water Solutions is the region’s only San Juan Pool and Spa Dealer.

From design & installation of your inground swimming pool or spa to the seasonal open/close of your pool and routine maintenance plans -- McArdle Construction & Water Solutions has you covered! Even existing pools can be covered by one of our weekly / monthly / annual pool maintenance plans. Call me – 870-421-8552 or email to set an appointment to discuss a new pool or to discuss a maintenance plan for your existing pool.

Why Choose San Juan Fiberglass Pool?
Building an inground pool, indoor or outdoor, is a big decision & my goal is to empower you with honest & reliable information, so you are satisfied when your pool project is complete!

While there are three types of pools, fiberglass, concrete/gunite & vinyl liner pools, I only recommend & sell fiberglass swimming pools. I’ll help you consider the investment & benefits of a fiberglass pool.

When researching the cost of inground swimming pools there are two points to consider:

  1. The initial purchase price of the pool
  2. The annual costs / long term investment associated with the pool 

The first step is to select the size of swimming pool that fits your needs. The price of the fiberglass pool shell is based on two features: the size of the pool & the cost of the pool delivery to your home. With regards to the pool shell cost, fiberglass pools are basically classified into three size groups: small (approximately 27’ long); medium (approximately 28’- 34’ long); large (approximately 35’ or larger).Spa

Standard Fiberglass Pool Packages 
Standard packages offered by others vary greatly & may be lacking some components, so I am detailed in what my packages includes. I’ll include all you will need, so there are no surprises during the project.

A standard fiberglass pool package typically includes: the pool shell, delivery of the pool shell to your site location, the pump & filter system, the heater (one of your options), installation, gravel for installation, water to fill the pool (coordinate this separately), maintenance & cleaning equipment & a building permit. Often a patio around the pool can be included in the package, with the patio constructed of concrete, stone or tile.

I will address these additional details as well: electrical work required, warranties, the type of pool equipment provided, the fiberglass pool manufacturer, an outdoor shower & the pool fencing (insurance requires fencing).

There is an overwhelming convenience & advantage with a turn-key installation, & there is no need for you to manage any part of the project. Many clients find a turn-key package is worth the investment for the comfort in knowing that there is only one person (me!) responsible for your project! Some home owners may elect to handle a portion of the pool project themselves such as providing the patio completion or the pool fence. I’ll create the package you need whether a complete turn-key package or not!

Why Are Fiberglass Pools Durable?
Modern fiberglass pools are durable due to the improved technology employed in manufacturing the pools gelcoat layer. You can see, touch, feel the gelcoat layer of a pool. The latest gelcoats on the San Juan Fiberglass pools will last decades or possibly even a lifetime, eliminating the need for costly refinishing. San Juan provides a 25-year warranty. To compare, concrete/gunite pools require resurfacing every 10 to 15 years on average, while vinyl liner pools must have the liner replaced every 5 to 9 years on average.

Why Are Fiberglass Pools So Efficient?
The non-porous gelcoat layer of the pool prevents algae from growing on the pool surface. This means less chemical use, less time maintaining & the ability to run the pump & filter in shorter cycles or at lower speeds (depending on the system). These points all provide good cost & energy savings.

You will have significantly less maintenance & repair costs as well. Add these benefits with the lower chemical costs, reduced energy usage & you quickly understand the most affordable, hassle free pool is fiberglass!

Call me – 870-421-8552 or email to set an appointment to discuss a new pool or to discuss a maintenance plan for your existing pool.

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