Sprinkler Systems

Arkansas is the Natural State, where lawns & gardens are enjoyed by most home owners. Arkansas also has very hot summers & inconsistent rain, causing gardeners stress (not to mention the stress on the poor flowers, shrubs, trees!).

Many gardeners turn to a professionally installed sprinkler system to maintain a beautiful lawn & / or gardens. A professionally installed sprinkler system not only makes your life easier, you assure your lawn & garden investments survive & flourish.

Choosing the best contractor is a crucial decision, for how the contractor designs & installs your sprinkler system assures success or possibly failure. Low quotes or estimates

As with all my services, my attention to detail, experience, knowledge & ability to satisfy, makes me your best choice for your sprinkler system contractor!

How a McArdle Sprinkler System Project Goes:

  1. I will visit your property to learn about your soil conditions, source of water & pressure (pressure is crucial to a successful sprinkler system!). During my visit, we will check out your lawn & garden(s), as well as discuss your long-term goals for your lawn & garden(s).
  2. I will research local regulations (for example if a backflow system is required)
  3. Next, for your consideration, I will prepare a detailed quote which will include your total investment for all materials & labor & estimated time for your project. All materials will be included (especially watertight containers & valve boxes to protect the electrical components of your system)
  4. When we review your quote, I will answer all your questions & review specifics relative to your project (such as the varying programming run times you will want for the sections in the sprinkler system)
  5. After installation, you will receive training & detailed instructions on how your system was programmed & how to change the programming. We will also review the care of your new professionally installed, automatic sprinkler system.
  6. After your project is completed, your lawn & garden(s) will be free of construction materials.
  7. Ongoing maintenance plans are available that cover services such as : spring open/winter close of your system annually, service / replacement of heads that may have been run over by a vehicle, reprogramming your system as seasonal weather may require.

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