ICFs / Insulated Concrete Forms

Why Build An ICF Home?

  • Energy Efficient: Enjoy 30% to 70% savings in energy use & costs – Great for your home budget & great for the environment!
  • Safer: More resistant to tornados & earthquakes –affording better protection for you & your family plus your possessions!
  • Healthy: Huge reduction in air pollutants from outside – reduces dust & allergens in your home!
  • Quiet: Reduced outside noise over a wood-framed home!
  • Green: ICF homes save trees! 

“Almost any home plan can be built with ICFs. You can select from most finishes: siding, brick, stucco, stone. I’ll help you select a house plan best suited for ICF construction or show you how the house plan you have selected can be built with ICF technology. Call me - 870-421-8552 - or email me today & let’s visit about how an ICF home may be perfect for you.“

-Tim McArdle

Quality Craftsmanship Since 1986.