Construction & Remodeling

Regardless of your home plan or combination of foundation/wall/roof you want, I have the experience to provide you a well-built home. I will address the vital details that will assure you are satisfied with your new home, remodeling, or addition.

There are many forms of construction that can be employed in home building or remodeling. Following are several construction styles & choices to make before building or remodeling. There are three main roof types, four types of foundations & four types of walls. Any combination of roof, wall & foundation types may be used.

Types of Foundations
The foundation type used will depend on the age of the property, local building codes/ regulations & the type of ground.

The four types of foundations are:

  • Crawlspace - this type of foundation allows space between the home & the ground & is good in damp or termite-prone areas. A crawlspace foundation is less expensive than a Basement, offers easy access to the HVAC system, plumbing, etc.
  • Basement - usually constructed of reinforced concrete
  • Slab - an insulated concrete pad with steel for added strength & stability
  • Pile & Girder - concrete or steel columns, set into the ground in concrete support the walls

Types of Walls
House construction in general is categorized by the type of exterior walls constructed.

  • Traditional Solid Masonry
  • Wood Framed
  • Masonry with Cavity
  • ICF Poured Concrete Wall in Foam Blocks

Type of Roofs

  • Gable
  • Hip
  • Flat

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